Ben Bailey Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaners

 Proudly serving The Columbia River Gorge since 1993
​Trusted By Homeowners And Professionals For 25 Years


We offer a superior professional steam cleaning service using the industries finest up-to-date equipment. The Rotovac technology is the deepest cleaning wand our industry has to offer. We use the Rotovac on all our residential and commercial projects using the traditonal wand to cut in our corners and edges.
  1. Carpet Cleaning Service
    Step 1: Preconditioning carpets- pre-spraying with a solvent base detergent that breaks down all the toughest soil, dirt, grime, and gunk in your carpets. Step 2: Cutting in all the edges and corners of the rooms with our titanium wand. The titanium wand has 4 jets, that release 230 degrees of steam at about 350-400 psi, and extracting steam immediately out of your carpet. Step 3: Now, we break out the beast, Rotovac 360i or the Rx 20. These machines spin 360 degrees, injecting 230 degrees of steam and an all fiber acid rinse. At the same time, extracting the steam out of your carpet leaving your carpet residue free. Your carpet is now clean, sanitized and will dry in about 4-8 hrs depending on the environment.
  2. Upholstery Cleaning Service
    Step 1: Pre-spray upholstery with a solvent based detergent and rub down upholstery with a horse hair brush. Step 2: Steam clean upholstery with our Rotovac upholstery tool. This tool injects 150-230 degrees of steam with an upholstery rinse leaving it free of residue, sanitized and clean. Step 3: Rub down with horse hair brush, if needed, to remove any lines from upholstery tool. The upholstery will take 1-4 hrs to dry depending on the environment.
  3. Water/Sewer Damage Service
    Step 1: Take pictures of all damaged areas. Extract all of the water from your carpets. Remove all of the contents to a safe place. Take pictures of all damaged contents. Remove all damaged carpet and padding and dispose. Remove any damaged sheet rock, insulation, sub flooring, tile, ect. Install dry out equipment ie: air movers and dehumidifiers. Spray all damaged areas with antimicrobial. Step 2: Rebuild and/or replace all damaged materials and all contents. NOTE: No two jobs are the same this is just an example for your understanding of the basic process.